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At only 22 years old, South-Eastern Kentucky native, Zac Hart is proving that he is not only an artist whose inevitable rise on his musical journey will attract the eyes and ears of country fans and beyond, but he is also a songwriter with a lot to say. From songs of heartbreak to eventual realizations of “the best is yet to come,” a southern boy with a natural pop-sensibility, Zac’s story is only in its first chapter. 

Currently residing in Nashville, Zac has already performed as an opener for touring artists such as Lee Brice, Travis Tritt, John Michael Montgomery and more, as well as on some of country music’s most prestigious stages including the Midnite Jamboree at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, the CMA Fest, and on Katie Couric’s TV Show in New York City for the airing of a special CMA Awards episode. 

Zac isn’t just another newcomer looking to create his own unique blend of country and pop. Infact, Zac credits his first musical aspirations to watching a family member perform in her bluegrass-gospel band. As a young child, Hart was smitten by the idea of playing instruments, singing, performing shows, traveling, selling CD’s, and being able to call it a job. Feeding into these aspirations by singing in church, he would eventually begin to cut his professional performing teeth on traditional country music, singing the likes of Waylon, Merel, Buck, and George every weekend with a live band. 

With the traditionalism and vocal inflections of Vince Gill-esque caliber, and the electricity and edge of a Keith Urban style vocal performance, Zac’s unique offering of country music thrives and is apparent in his first original offerings. 

With his debut EP underway and the release of the first single “Fix a Broken Heart,” Zac Hart is gearing up to unleash the pieces of his story, both musical and personal, into the world.