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At only 23 years old, South-Eastern Kentucky native Zac Hart is an artist whose inevitable rise is already attracting the eyes and ears of country fans and beyond. A southern boy with a natural pop-sensibility, Zac’s sound is truly one that sets him apart from many emerging country acts. A seasoned performer with an electrifying cadence, Zac pays homage to the mainstay country format without compromising his vision of where the genre is heading. 

Currently residing in Nashville, Zac has opened for touring artists such as Lee Brice, Travis Tritt, John Michael Montgomery, and more, as well as gracing some of country music’s most prestigious stages, including the Midnite Jamboree at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, featured stages at CMA Fest, and Katie Couric’s TV Show in New York City for the airing of a special CMA Awards episode. 

Zac began pursuing a professional career in music at the age of 10-years-old, crediting his first musical aspirations to watching a family member perform in her bluegrass band. As a young child, Hart was taken by the idea of playing live music for a living. Feeding into his aspirations by singing in church on Sundays, he would eventually cut his teeth on traditional country music, singing the likes of Waylon, Merle, Buck, and Jones every weekend with a live band. Hart attended Eastern Kentucky University, obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Music Marketing. After years of weekly trips to and from Nashville to write and record, he made the permanent move to Music City after his graduation in 2020. 

Since its Fall 2021 release, Zac’s debut Nashville project “Pieces” has featured in some of Spotify’s top country editorials, including Wild Country, Fresh Finds, New Music Nashville, Young Nashville, and more! Zac’s latest single, “No One,” has surpassed 160,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

Zac’s vocals pair the inflection and classic country delivery reminiscent of Vince Gill with the supercharged and edgy stage presence characteristic of Keith Urban to achieve a bright new fusion that celebrates the genre’s traditions while pushing toward new horizons.

With lap steel, banjo, and acoustic guitars woven together by glimmering, ethereal electronic production, the sound of Zac Hart reaches deep for imagination while his storytelling can make any fan feel like the lyrics came from their own happiness and heartache.